Frequently Asked Questions

What Can’t I Put in My Bin?

We will not collect any bins that contain hazardous waste like asbestos or batteries and also building materials which include concrete, tiles, plasterboard, sand, building rubble, tar, tiles and combustible material which could ignite.

Where Do I Leave My Bin for Collection?

All you need to do is leave your bin in the same place as you would for the council, please make sure that it isn’t causing any obstructions on the footpath and it’s easily accessible for our drivers

What time will collections be made?

Collections are made between 7am and 4pm on the scheduled collection day. Bins always need to be available for collection from 7am.

What If I Have A Complaint?

If you do unfortunately have a complaint, please do let us know by emailing us or telephoning so that we can put it right for you

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